Key Ingredients:

Unique design with high gloss finish: NVY LED TV has a beautiful slim bezel that adds a new touch to its bold design. NVY combines unique design with melds brush and high gloss finish to give its product an ultra-modern and futuristic look which is bound to add a dazzle to your entertainment/living room.

MHL for mobile connectivity (on select High End Mobile devices) NVY uses Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) that allows you to connect your Smartphones, tablets and various other devices to your television. It features a Micro USB port which is compatible with select Hi-End Smartphones and devices. With MHL you can browse through all your media on the big screen.

BLUETOOTH Connectivity (Audio Only): Connecting your mobile or any other audio device directly to NVY TV using the bluetooth technology is now simple and easy.

Inbuilt Amplifier for external speakers : Turn your NVY LED TV into a music system with features such as Surround Sound and Inbuilt Digital Class T Amplifier, at absolutely no additional cost. Tune into an unforgettable sound experience with NVY LED TV. You can also connect external speakers or enjoy the 10 X 2W speakers output of NVY TV, for an enhanced entertainment.

High Clarity Stereo Sound Output : Enjoy foot-tapping audio on your NVY LED TV with amazing features such as Bass Adjustment, Treble Adjustment, Sound Equalizer and Power Audio. With this new wave of sound technology, NVY offers an ultra-modern dimension of sound quality which is one of best across the LED Television sector.

Audio Output for Direct Home theatre Connectivity – Enjoy your favorite movies at ease.

MULTIPLE HDMI Now, connect your external device with your NVY LED TV through Single cable for both Video & Audio with the help of High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), delivering high definition picture quality and sound to your screens. Audio Return Channel (ARC for HDMI 2) is a feature of the HDMI specification that allows you to send audio "upstream" from your TV's HDMI inputs back to your audio system's HDMI output.

Inbuilt Games (Non Smart TVs):Let the Games begin! Turn your NVY LED TV to an ultimate entertainment centre by playing some of the top-rated games.. Designed for serious gamers, NVY opens the gateway for next-level Android gaming. You can choose from a variety of interactive games crafted specially for an unmatched gaming experience.

Complete Digital Media viewing: You can enjoy Texts, Videos, Sounds and your favorite Pictures in any format on the NVY LED TV. Features such as MPEG4/H264, USB port and Digital Media Player are available in every NVY LED TV which makes it a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

Glass Epoxy PCB with Moisture free components: NVY LED TV incorporates Epoxy PCB with moisture free components which makes the TV resistant to breakdowns that occur due to excess moisture that is inevitable in some of the major Indian cities. The PCB is made after prolonged testing and clear certifications from worldwide labs and agencies.

High Bright High Contrast Screen Open Cell Panel: NVY TV integrates high clarity, high contrast and high brightness by deploying the most trusted open cells from across the world. With the world’s best and most trusted panels, Nvy gives you better viewing pleasure and performance with never seen before designs and features. Nvy incorporates zero dots panel which eliminates Noise-Dots thus delivering bright and clear picture quality.

Ultra-HD Viewing – UHD:NVY LED TV lets you experience ultra high definition – UHD viewing with a pixel resolution of 3840 x 2160 for a brighter and sharper picture quality compounded with 178 degree viewing angle which takes television viewing to a new dimension.

Eco-friendly technology:NVY LED TV is brimmed with eco-smart technology that shuts off your TV automatically in case it is not being viewed.Control energy savings by turning on the “eco” button on your remote. With customizable backlight option, NVY LED TV promises less power consumption making our product a very Eco-friendly choice.