About Us

  • Brand NVY

    NVY range of consumer electronics is an idea born from the need of the ever growing and evolving Indian consumer. A Brand that embodies everything that today’s young generation aspire. NVY from the wagon of Reach, a company led by people in the business of consumer electronics for over two decades, who have a clear understanding of the importance in creating world class products and, as the cliché goes at Indian prices.

    The NVY Range of LED televisions are built from the best A+ grade panels, dynamic processors, RoHS-grade materials and energy efficient power solutions, with a host of cutting edge features that are relevant to the young generation. The Televisions are designed to operate for over 100,000 hours in normal circumstances and assure excellent picture quality.

  • Our Vision

    Provide Innovation and Modern Technology at affordable prices to today's Y Generation

Brand Value

  • Quality Through Innovation:

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever. NVY delivers great products that are consistent in quality driven by constant innovation of our best practices in product design and manufacturing.

  • Unmatched Service:

    A Happy customer will tell none; A unhappy customer will tell ten. Customer is at the center of business. They are the very purpose we are in business. This philosophy is the driving force in every touch point that our customer will experience.